Mapping Lieferbarkeiten

Mapping j396 => j141

Code j396 Inhalt j396 Code j141
01 Cancelled AB
10 Not yet available NP
11 Awaiting stock NP
12 Not yet available, will be POD MD
20 Available IP
21 In stock IP
22 To order TO
30 Temporarily unavailable TU
31 Out of stock TU
32 Reprinting RP
33 Awaiting reissue UR
34 Temporarily withdrawn from sale WS
40 Not available (reason unspecified) OP
41 Not available, replaced by new product OR
42 Not available, other format available OF
43 No longer supplied by us OP
44 Apply direct AD
45 Not sold separately CS
46 Withdrawn from sale WS
47 Remaindered RM
48 Not available, replaced by POD OF
49 Recalled WS
50 Not sold as set CS
51 Not available, publisher indicates OP OP
52 Not available, publisher no longer sells product in this market OP
97 No recent update received CS
98 No longer receiving updates CS
99 Contact supplier CS

Mapping j141 => j396

Code j141 Inhalt j141 Code j396
AB Cancelled 01
AD Available direct from publisher only 44
CS Availability uncertain 40
EX No longer stocked by us 40
IP Available 20
MD Manufactured on demand 23
NP Not yet published 10
NY Newly catalogued, not yet in stock 10
OF Other format available 42
OI Out of stock indefinitely 51
OP Out of print 51
OR Replaced by new edition 41
PP Publication postponed indefinitely 40
RF Refer to another supplier 40
RM Remaindered 47
RP Reprinting 10
RU Reprinting, undated 10
TO Special order 22
TP Temporarily out of stock because publisher cannot supply 30
TU Temporarily unavailable 30
UR Unavailable, awaiting reissue 33
WR Will be remaindered as of (date) 40
WS Withdrawn from sale 46